Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pokin It 10 22 11 - Glow In The Dark Episode

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pokin it 10 15 11 - Stop Talking About Poop


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pokin it 10 8 11

Posted with pic by DoucheBag R.: WTF?!? On Growlr? Really? No, just NO.
  •  what is it?
    October 3 at 8:31pm ·

  •  I think he thought it was an Eartha Kitt tribute app.
    October 3 at 8:32pm · · 2 people

  •  WOOOOOF! lol
    October 3 at 8:32pm ·

  •  What the hell is Jordin Sparks doing on Growlr?
    October 3 at 8:34pm ·

  •  Aaaawww...he likes yoooouuu.
    October 3 at 8:37pm ·

  •  He is just your type Adam. :) *Ducks*
    October 3 at 8:39pm ·

  •  But his eyes are FLAWLESS
    October 3 at 8:39pm ·

  •  Ooooo! Fab-ou!
    October 3 at 8:39pm ·

  •  It's the illegitimate love child of Divine.
    October 3 at 8:44pm · · 1 person

  •  Me - OWWWWW
    October 3 at 8:48pm ·

  •  You clicked on it.
    October 3 at 8:57pm · · 1 person

  •  Somewhere, there is someone who said the same thing about your pic when they saw you on Grindr. Flip it, mister.
    October 3 at 9:05pm · · 2 people

  •  Don't hate, eyebrows need love too.
    October 3 at 9:15pm ·

  •  Those 'brows have been love a little too much....
    October 3 at 9:17pm ·

  •  Dont be jealous! you know you wish you could do that
    October 3 at 9:18pm · · 1 person

  •  so if he likes bears, what app should he be using? also, girlfriend looks a lil plus size
    October 3 at 9:49pm ·

  •  Damn...Got some Angelina Jolee lips too.
    October 3 at 10:00pm ·

  •  Guuurlr. Growlr. Ok, saying them out loud, I can see how it might happen.
    October 3 at 10:47pm ·

  •  Chola eyebrows!
    October 3 at 10:54pm ·

  • Jeep Bear I understand that you are all just having a little fun with this but please remember that everyone should have a place in our community. As members of the Bear community we should remember what it is like to be criticized for being different. He may not be what you think of as a Bear but he may be an admirer and has every right to be treated with dignity and respect.
    October 4 at 3:23am · · 2 people

  •  Well put Gavin...well put...
    October 4 at 7:54am ·

  • DoucheBag R.
    I guess Growlr is no less a public place than a bar and we should expect anyone, therefore, to just walk in. I'd anticipated that Growlr was finally the phone app alternative to things like Scruff where you have plenty of bear posers or Gr...See More

    October 4 at 8:31am ·

  •  ‎@Jeep Bear: agree with the "live andlet live" philosophy...... maybe we could make a new subset of "Pretty-Bears" LOL.... But seriously, have met many Queens who looked like they glued a shag carpet to their chest!! So maybe he's a Bear, or maybe he's a chaser.... If you don't like it, you don't have to look.......
    October 4 at 8:33am ·

  •  It's Growrl not a United Colors of Benneton ad everyone calm the shiz down
    October 4 at 8:36am · · 1 person

  •  ‎@ Mark: True that!! People have to make such a BFD over everything nowadays...
    October 4 at 8:39am ·

  •  so think how much he would appreciate a hello and a smile from you acknowleging his presents...a smile goes a long way...why keep dividing...yes his eyebrows are arched like a mcdonald's road sign and he can beat a face with color... and lord knows what he can do with those lips if given the right motivation...if we look within we will not be with out...i'm just sayin...LOL...
    October 4 at 8:39am · · 1 person

  •  If Growlr, Scruff etc were about inner beauty the iPhone would come with an X-ray camera.
    October 4 at 8:42am · · 1 person

  •  lets all hold hands and meditate...aaaahhhuummmmmmmm....
    October 4 at 8:43am ·

  •  I'm sure it's around the corner mark...hehehehehe...
    October 4 at 8:46am ·

  • Jeep Bear ‎@DoucheBag R., I assure you that if I was in that bear bar and saw him sitting alone in the corner I would say hello simply because I have been that lonely guy sitting alone at times in my life. Having meet you more than once, I'm guessing you have been too and it's a shame that you have forgotten how that feels. I have not.
    October 4 at 9:23am ·

  •  group hug!
    October 4 at 9:26am ·

  • DoucheBag R.
    I remember how it feels. I also know that there are places for everyone and everything. Division happens for a reason sometimes. Would I stand up for this man's rights? Of course. We're not talking about that, however. We're talking about h...See More

    October 4 at 3:53pm ·

  • Jeep Bear You are free to pay him no mind but this is not paying him no mind.
    October 4 at 4:22pm ·

  • DoucheBag R.
    Correct. Because while I'm forced to acquiesce to liberal opinion that Bears are supposed to accept with open arms anyone who wants to jump aboard, I also am of the freedom to express my opinion that THIS has no place anywhere in a Bear social networking site outside of a Maybelline social networking site.
    October 4 at 5:21pm ·

  • Jeep Bear And that is your opinion. Good for you.
    October 4 at 5:22pm ·

  • Jeep Bear Maybe you should make your own app
    October 4 at 5:24pm ·

  • DoucheBag R.
    Yes, when I have the technological ability to do so. Maybe I should make my own social movement, as well. Oh, wait, that was done already. It was called Bears.
    October 4 at 5:29pm ·

  • Jeep Bear Hmmmm, I think your right
    October 4 at 5:32pm ·
I will explain this on the show